Why Corporate Lawyer Nepal?

Prime Legal Consultants and Research Center Pvt Ltd, a well-known corporate law firm in Nepal, designed the portal for corporate lawyers in Nepal.

This portal's objective is to provide a central platform for corporate lawyers from around the world to share their writings and efforts. We also act as a global outsourcing agency for Chinese nationals.


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Meet the team

Our commitment to serve each and every client of ours respectfully, discreetly, professionally and has helped us win the loyalty of comprehensive clients of all starting from individuals troubled with family lawsuits or giant corporate dealing with default lawsuits. At our firm, we aim to you but the best legal solution for your case.
Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert trial attorneys in just about every field of law you can name, and it is because of this nature of the legal services we provide, our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league for decades.

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Picture of Alpana Bhandari
Founding Partner & CEO

Alpana Bhandari

I am a lawyer based in Kathmandu who specializes in corporate and family law. I graduated from American University Washington Law College in Washington, D.C. with a Legum Magister in International Legal Studies and a specialization certificate in International Human Rights Law. In Istanbul.. Read More

Picture of Amrit Sharma
Founding Partner & Director

Amrit Sharma

I am a Kathmandu-based lawyer who specializes in business and family law. Graduate of the Kathmandu School of Law, based in Dadhikot. I received an LL.M. from Nepal Law Campus, with a specialization in International Refugee Law. I have worked with high-profile clients like Jamin Shah and many more... Read More

Picture of Adalberto Mendez Lopez
Partner Lawyer

Adalberto Mendez Lopez

Adalberto has a Bachelor of Laws degree from Universidad La Salle in Mexico City and a Pre-Master Degree from Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a certificate of specialization in International Human Rights Law and a Legum Magister in International Legal... Read More

Our Pathway


I graduated from college in the United States and had the opportunity to explore the job culture there. Corporate law firms in the United States and around the world, as well as Nepali corporate law firms, have been reported to charge exorbitant fees for minor duties and to disregard prescribed jobs at times. The reason I decided to create this website is to create a global platform for corporate practice.

I chose the term Corporate Lawyer for the online gateway and added Nepal at the end to emphasize the integrity and honesty that Nepali people have demonstrated around the world, as well as the country's pride. As we live in an era of technology and artificial intelligence. Through this site, we will be conducting corporate law-related work in the United States, China, and the rest of the world. For your convenience, we will open contact offices in the United States, China, and other regions of the world.

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How to open a Branch Office of a Foreign Company in Nepal

How to open a Branch Office of a Foreign Company in Nepal

This article discusses the procedure for opening a branch office in Nepal by a foreigner. For foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in Nepal, a branch office is an appropriate business model. The branch office is an extension of the parent company's business and operates in the same manner. A foreign company's branch office …
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<strong>Can Indian citizens invest in Nepal?</strong>

Can Indian citizens invest in Nepal?

 Nepal and India have a lot in common such culture and language. We share interests in politics, social culture, tradition, and religion. The majority of the big businessmen have moved from India to Nepal. They are mostly from the Marwari Aggarwal community.  The Marwari or Marwadi community in Nepal originated in Rajasthan, India. Banias from northern, central, and …


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