Divorce in Nepal: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Despite the fact that no one gets married expecting to divorce, divorce is all too common after a while. Divorce is a reality for many couples today. Although the process is never simple emotionally, it can become less or more complicated. This is dependent on the parties’ efforts to channel their frustrations into a win-win situation for both.

Even with changes in legislation, many people are unsure what to do when it comes to separating and formalizing the divorce application. We have prepared this post to answer the most frequently asked questions about divorce that we receive at the office.

What should you keep in mind when filing for divorce?

Different issues in divorce cases are significant in different circumstances. Claiming for the property share is critical if the husband has a sensitive wealth issue and is well-known. If the husband does not own property and the couple has a child, child-rearing becomes a major concern. Similarly, in some cases, the husband refuses to give the property and, as a result, forges the document stating that he has taken the share despite the fact that he does not. In this case, the issue of forgery is critical.

How Do I Begin Divorce Proceedings in Nepal?

When considering divorce, you must first compile a list of all assets in the husband’s and his family’s names. If you have the child with you, you must consider who will look after the child. If you are the child’s mother, you must consider how you will care for your child. Do not leave your current residence if you intend to end the relationship and get a divorce.

What exactly does “mutual consent divorce” imply?

Mutual consent divorce refers to the process by which a husband and wife divorce with mutual understanding or agreement. That is, both the husband and wife must divorce. Both parties agree to end their relationship in court in a Mutual Consent Divorce. In such cases, the divorce is completed in less than two days.

How long will it take to complete the entire divorce procedure in Nepal if my wife agrees to divorce by mutual consent?

If your spouse agrees to the divorce, the process will be expedited. Divorce proceedings can be completed in two business days.

What are the legal grounds for divorce in Nepal?

In Nepal, if divorce is sought and filed with the mutual consent of both husband and wife, the divorce application can be filed without any basis. However, if the husband and wife are unable to reach an understanding and mutual agreement, you may file for divorce on the following grounds:

  • If a husband and wife have been living apart for more than three years,
  • If either the husband or wife has been evicted from the home
  • If her husband severely beats her, she has the right to divorce.
  • If the husband physically and mentally abuses his wife, or vice versa
  • If either the husband or wife has an extramarital relationship
  • If the husband or wife has a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse

How can a husband divorce without the consent of his wife?

If the husband wants to divorce without his wife’s consent, he must file an application with the district court closest to him. When a husband files for divorce, he must provide evidence of physical and psychological abuse. 1 year after the husband files for divorce, the divorce is finalized.

What is the procedure in Nepali divorce proceedings for dividing assets and debts?

When a wife files for divorce, the court divides the husband’s share from the husband’s, mother-in- law’s, and father-in- law’s. law’s The husband’s property share is then divided in half, with one half going to the wife.

How can a husband divorce without his wife’s consent?

If the husband wishes to divorce without his wife’s consent, he must file an application with the nearest district court. When a husband files for divorce, he must provide proof of physical and mental abuse. Divorce is finalized one year after the husband files for divorce.

What is the process for dividing assets and debts in Nepali divorce proceedings?

When a wife files for divorce, the court divides the husband’s share between the husband, mother-in-law, and father-in-law. law’s The wife receives one-half of the husband’s property share.

Is it necessary for both the husband and wife to appear in court during the divorce proceedings?
In the case of mutual consent divorce, both the husband and wife must appear in court.

In the case of divorce by court order, however, the court will issue a term requiring the opposing party to appear in court on the specified date and time. If the opposing party fails to appear in court within the time specified by the court, the court will make a unilateral decision.

How to Get a Divorce in Nepal the Easiest and Quickest Way?

Divorce proceedings in Nepal are simple and straightforward if filed by mutual consent. When you meet with a legal practitioner, it is easy and simple to get a divorce if you have a mutual agreement on the division of the share and property, as well as the process of raising a child.

What procedures are followed in Nepal’s District Court during divorce proceedings?

4 steps must be taken to obtain a divorce in court. The first step is to file an application for divorce with the court, after which the court will issue the summon to the opposing party.

2nd step is to present, understand, and examine the evidence. In the case of divorce, both the witness and the paper submitted with the divorce petition are examined.

3rd Step The court then allows time to reach to an agreement to both parties.

The goal of this step is to give both the husband and wife the opportunity for reconciliation. If the reconciliation fails, the divorce is finalized.

Is living apart a valid reason for divorce?

Separation grounds are available to both the husband and wife. If the couple separates without consent, a divorce petition can be filed. Without consent, forced eviction from the home or travel abroad to study or work cannot be considered living separately.

Why is it so difficult for a husband to obtain a divorce in Nepal?

If the husband wishes to seek and file for divorce, he must provide sufficient evidence to the court demonstrating that he has been physically and mentally tortured. Or that his wife has been living apart from him without his permission for more than three years.

In such a case, the husband should hire a good lawyer who can effectively represent him in court, which can be accomplished by contacting Divorce Nepal. The team at firm will help and guide you, as well as provide accurate consultation on all legal procedures.

How long does it usually take to complete divorce proceedings in Nepal?

A divorce case in Nepal can be resolved in two days if both parties agree. If no agreement is reached, the court requires one year of reconciliation before dissolving the relationship through a court decision.

How can I regain my single status in Nepal after a divorce?

You must obtain a single status to remarry after divorce. The recommendation for single status can be obtained from the relevant ward office. You must submit the final court decision of divorce to the ward office before you can be recommended for single status and married again.

What if I have to leave the country following my divorce?

If you need to travel abroad while filing for divorce, you can give a specific person of your choice an official right to represent you in court. In the divorce proceeding, he would be your authorized official representative.

Is it necessary to register my marriage if I intend to divorce?

Marriage registration is not required for divorce. Because marriage is also a social tradition, a divorce petition with a photograph of the marriage proceedings can be filed.

What are the divorce legal fees in Nepal?

There is no set fee or rate for divorce lawyers in Nepal because fees vary depending on the province and district where you live. Fees, on the other hand, may begin as low as  NPR 10,000 rupees. Because there is no set fee, you should interview several divorce attorneys before settling on one.

The firm that oversees the divorce cases may be the best option for you if you want your divorce proceedings to be simple, quick, and inexpensive.

How can I lower the price of my divorce?

It is preferable to appear in court for all divorce proceedings. Also, limit the lawyer’s presence in court to closing arguments.

What is mediation and what role does a mediator play in divorce?

If the relationship cannot be ended by mutual consent in a divorce case, the court sends both the husband and wife to the court’s conciliation or mediation chamber. They encourage both husband and wife to give their marriage another chance.

The person who encourages the divorced husband and wife to reconcile is known as the mediator. The mediator initiates contact between the two parties.

When is mediation appropriate in divorce proceedings?

When a divorce is finalized and all attempts at reconciliation have failed, the mediator can be very helpful. In this case, the husband and wife may agree to divorce but disagree on property distribution and child custody. In this case, the mediator can assist in reaching an agreement and resolving the conflicts.

How can mediation help me save money on my divorce?

Lengthy divorce proceedings can be expensive. Any type of dispute, in general, prolongs the divorce process. As a result, the mediator can provide assistance to both parties.

How can I reduce the cost of my divorce through mediation?

Lengthy divorce proceedings can cost you a lot of money. Generally, the presence of any type of dispute prolongs the divorce process. As a result, the mediator can assist both parties in resolving their disputes and reaching an agreement, thereby saving you money.

We hope that these FAQs have answered all of your questions about divorce and divorce proceedings. The firm is available for any type of consultation regarding your divorce proceedings.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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