How do you start a Montessori school in Nepal?

The educational system in Nepal has evolved. Students had previously paid educational visits to the teacher’s home. Montessori schools are gaining popularity among parents. The Montessori method of pedagogy is a style of child education that emphasises natural interests and activities over formal teaching methods. Young children learn and are capable of initiating learning in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment.


Montessori schools are classified as pre-primary schools in Nepal. Pre-primary schools are classified into three types.

  1. Child care centre
  2. a kindergarten
  3. Montessori Children’s Development Center
  • Notification of the establishment of a pre-primary school
  • Montessori will be opened as a pre-primary school
  • Obtain a certification letter from the ward office first. Then, submit an application to the Municipality Education Administrative Office.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to the Metropolitan branch of education administrative office if you want to open a pre-primary school in Metropolitan.
  • The application must be submitted before the start of the school year.
  • Documents to be submitted with the application
  • To guarantee all facilities to students.
  • To collect information on the age group of students admitted to Pre-primary school.
  • The report documents that are discussed with parents
  • What facilities are available to students inside and outside of the school during teaching hours?
  • Air pollution, west things, dust materials, and disturbance by neighbours should be reported to the administrative planning body.
  • To all school-related details.
  • A copy of the MOA and AOA for the school.
  • Information about students, teachers, and volunteers
  • A photocopy of the promoter’s citizenship
  • If the school is run by a company, a photocopy of the MOA and AOA is required.
  • If the school is run by a non-profit organisation, a photocopy of the non-profit organisation’s paper and a letter from the non-profit organisation’s head should be included.
  • In order to obtain permission from any organisation other than the company, they must submit a photocopy of all organisation documents.
  • A photocopy of the owner’s land register paper, a map of the land, and a photocopy of the entire building construction paper must be submitted to establish a pre-primary school on the owner’s land.
  • A five-year contract with the house owner is required if the school is run on rent.
  • A declaration is required to avoid child abuse, crime, misbehaviour in children, and acceptance of child psychology. To avoid torture, children should be taught in their natural environment by well-trained child psychologists.
  • The prospectus should include the total investment cost of the school (capital, recommendation charge, school operating costs, and save fund management). Educational materials, administrative costs, and single-to-single salary should all be included in the operating costs.
  • A copy of the academic credentials of the school’s human resources and a certificate of specialisations in the specific subjects.
  • The names of at least two new pre-primary schools, as well as a map of the nearest school.
  • Indicators of child-friendly infrastructure, minimum requirements, a recommendation from a certified engineer of the infrastructure’s safety for school operation, or a letter from the engineer consulting that shows the required requirements from photos.

Physical Inspection

If the application is approved, the Municipality’s chief education officer will make a site visit to inspect the infrastructure and submit a report to the educational administrative head.

  • In general, the classroom should be nine feet tall, child-friendly, and weather resistant.
  • At least 1.5 square meters of classroom space should be provided for each student.
  • Adequate ventilation, lighting, and a clean environment should be provided in the teaching classroom.
  • There should be enough seating for students.
  • Students can read and write more easily with a proper bench and desk in a fun environment.
  • Students should have access to appropriate educational materials and equipment.
  • A sufficient supply of safe drinking water
  • A shelf in the classroom should be provided for students’ shoes, bags, and lunch boxes.
  • A single class should not have more than twenty students.
  • Each major subject should have an educational instrument in the classroom.
  • For effective teaching, proper chart paper and educational instruments are required.
  • The school should be well-protected and compounded.
  • A yearly calendar and notice board are required.
  • Proposed school observation report

The report is prepared using observations.

Following a physical examination, the chief education officer should grant permission to run the school.

The school’s name should include, among other things, a national significance, geographical, religious, or historical location, national heroes, a national or international name of a personality, a highly educated contributor, and a management organisation. A name that is already registered cannot be registered again.

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  • Bhagawan karki

    I want to start a Montessori school somewhere in kageshwori Manohara or in madhyapur thimi to re as ch you to know more about this?

  • Bhagawan karki

    I want to start a Montessori school somewhere in kageshwori Manohara or in madhyapur thimi to reach you to know more about this?

    (Corrected post again)

    • Alpana Bhandari

      Thank you. You may contact us at +988-9849517735 or by

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