Validity Of  Digital Signatures/E-signature in the Corporate Sector in Nepal

E-signature is now widely used in the business world. E-signature is used in the corporate sector in reports and other materials. The signature serves as a person’s graphic identity. The graphic identity of an individual is scanned and copied and pasted into the e-signature.

A genuine signature on a document represents the document’s validity. It falls under the company’s acceptance of its work. In Nepal, Section 2 (o) of the Electronic Transactions Act, 2063 (2008) states:

For instance, “Digital Signature.” In this article, a digital signature is defined as a signature made in any electronic form to be included in a person’s transformation of an electronic record. An asymmetric crypto system is used to create a person in this case.

A digital signature is a digital signature that is attached to an electronic document. The corporate sector uses it to verify the sender’s identity. It can be used to ensure that the message’s original content has not been tampered with in any way.

A digital signature can be used with any type of message, encrypted or not, simply to ensure that the sender’s identity is verified and that the message arrives unchanged.

No one should be able to forge a digital signature for them to be effective. To ensure the level of security, a variety of techniques are available.

A quotation is required in the corporate sector in order to sell or purchase various items. While demanding anything and the quotation that is sent through email where you have digitally signed in such a situation assure the recipient that what he receives is unchanged from what you sent and that it is truly from you.

How does digital signature work in Nepal’s corporate sector?

The procedure for drafting documents is outlined in Section 28 of the 2017 Civil Procedure Code. This clearly states that physical signatures are required in deeds used for the purpose of government offices. As a result, no digital signature is used on deeds submitted/registered before government offices or government deeds.


The use of digital signatures is increasing in the corporate sector. The use of digital signatures to create an individual’s graphic identity through the use of a computer is on the rise. Crypto currency is now used for transactions that are created through computer processing.

Similarly, for the recognition of individuals through the use of digital signatures via computer processing, technology will be developed to create digital signatures. Such a Digital Signature cannot be identical to others.

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