Since the FITTA Act 2019 went into effect on March 27, 2019, foreign investment in Nepal has been relatively smooth. Corporate Lawyer Nepal assists foreign investors in Nepal. To protect the rights of foreign investors, a new piece of legislation has been enacted.

Similarly, please see any questions about foreign investments directed to Corporate Lawyer Nepal under Frequently Asked Questions; please see the link below.

Corporate Lawyer Nepal has been working in the following areas:

  1. Non-resident Nepalis have been receiving legal assistance as a result of foreign investment. 
    Article 32 of the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act of 2019 ensures that a foreigner and a Nepali are treated equally. In this way, FITTA 2019 and the constitution protect foreign investors. We provide legal assistance to both Nepali and foreign investors.
    Non-Resident Nepali investors are eligible for a special scheme. You can learn more about Non-Resident Nepali by clicking on the link below.

2. We offer legal assistance in the process of bringing foreign investment into Nepal. Foreign investors who wish to invest in Nepal must file an application with the Department of Industry, stating the type of industry they wish to invest in. We assist in developing proposals and obtaining licenses for foreign investment from the appropriate authorities.

See the link below to learn more about the process of foreign investment.

3. We provide Fund Management assistance in Nepal.
Aside from Direct Investment, we also provide Fund Management assistance in the areas of share investments. In Nepal, there are numerous multinational banks. Because Nepal has few industries and many banks that provide investment funds.
We help by acting as intermediaries between the banks in Nepal. Please see the link below for more information.

We assist with profit remittances to foreign countries.
Article 20 of the FITTA 2019 guarantees foreign nationals and companies the transfer of their capital, investment returns, and any compensation obtained as a result of property expropriation.

We assist with the remittance of funds earned in Nepal through foreign investments.
You can learn more about remitting profits from foreign investments made in Nepal by clicking on the link below.

5. Assistance with Labor Disputes The new Labour Act of 2017 has created an environment conducive to foreign investment. There are provisions in place to fire employees in the event of a dispute, which has allowed for foreign investment in Nepal. We provide legal assistance in labor-related matters.

6. We provide assistance to foreign investors in the acquisition of land.
Land acquisition through foreign investment is difficult these days. We provide legal assistance to foreign investors who want to buy land. Article 31 of FITTA 2019 states that the Department of Industry will provide assistance with land acquisition. Similarly, Article 35 mandates the Department of Industry to resolve any disputes that may arise. See the link below for more information on acquiring land through foreign investment.

7. We have provided legal assistance for foreign investments in the following areas.

‘Foreign Direct Investment in Hospitality 

Foreign Direct Investment in Hydropower