Corporate Lawyer Nepal has top immigration lawyers. Nepal’s Immigration Act – 2049 (1992), Immigration Rules – 2051(1994), Immigration regulations of Nepal, and legal precedents ordered by the Supreme Court of Nepal, as well as Nepal’s deportation law, are all examples of immigration law.

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Citizenship, permanent residency, and the procedures for obtaining citizenship are all covered under immigration law in a foreign country. Because obtaining citizenship for foreigners in Nepal is difficult. Citizenship laws are not included in Immigration Law.

1. We assist foreigners in obtaining Diplomatic visas, Official visas, Tourist visas, and Study visas under Non-tourist visas. We assist foreigners in obtaining visas granted in Nepal under Immigration Law. Foreigners in Nepal are granted the following visas. 1. Diplomatic Visa 2. Official Visa 3. Tourist Visa 4. Study Visa

Individuals involved in social and economic development may also visit Nepal on a non-tourist visa. However, we offer legal assistance to individuals who come to Nepal to start a business. A business visa will be granted to anyone who has obtained a license to invest in any trade or industrial enterprise in Nepal.

2. We provide legal assistance, prevent deportation under Deportation Law, and assist in the deportation process.
Deportation is the removal of a person from Nepal. Expulsion is frequently used as a synonym for deportation.

According to the Nepal Immigration- THE IMMIGRATION ACT, 2049 (1992), if an individual is found to have been involved in criminal activities or convicted, using a fake passport or visa overstay constitutes a violation under the immigration law provisions and may result in deportation or expulsion.

We provide legal assistance to prevent deportation or expulsion from the country, as well as to ease the deportation process and ensure that you do not remain in custody.

3. We provide legal assistance in Nepal for work-related visas. Since large investments in industry and hydropower in Nepal have increased, there has been an increase in foreigners coming to Nepal to work in the Nepali industry. Individuals must go through a lengthy process to obtain a work-related visa.

It covers the entire process, from advertising to obtaining a license. You can learn more about the process of obtaining a business visa in Nepal by reading the article linked below. The procedure for obtaining a work visa in Nepal.

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4. We can help you obtain a Nepalese business visa. A project proposal should be submitted along with an application for permission to invest in Nepal in the desired industry and obtain a license to seek permission to invest, as well as for instructions on how to manufacture for all of these.

Following the submission of the application, we assist in obtaining a visa recommendation from the Department of Industry. In the first step, the investor will go over the 6-month project report and recommend visa issuance. Based on the job description, the Department of Industry will issue a 6-month visa. The immigration officer will issue the visa in the subsequent step.

In order to provide a visa in the second step, the immigration officer will supervise the relevant area and, if appropriate, will issue a one-year visa. If the foreign investor invests and establishes an industry in the third step, he or she is granted a five-year visa. The article below will teach you how to apply for a business visa in Nepal.

5. We also have a contact office in the United States, where we assist Nepali, South Indian, and Chinese citizens in obtaining green cards to work in the United States.

Ms. Alpana Bhandari, CEO of Corporate Lawyer Nepal, holds an LL.M. from the American University Washington College of Law. While working in the United States, the author helped Nepali, Indian, and Chinese citizens obtain green cards.

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6. We assist people in obtaining visas to the United States. America is a dreamland for Nepalis, South Asians, and people from all over the world. We’ve teamed up with lawyers from the United States.

We provide legal assistance and counseling to help you understand the process of obtaining various visas to the United States. You can learn more about how to apply for a visa to the United States by clicking on the link below.