How I became Nepal’s best National & International Arbitration Lawyer?

As a child growing up in Biratnagar, I was fortunate to have a family involved in entrepreneurship. This exposure to the world of business sparked my interest in corporate matters at a young age. I remember spending time with my family members as they discussed their ventures, and I was fascinated by the way they navigated the complexities of running a business.

After completing my early education in Dehradun, India, I moved to Kathmandu to attend Lincoln School. This experience broadened my horizons and introduced me to people from diverse backgrounds. I learned to appreciate and respect people with different perspectives, which has been a valuable lesson in my personal and professional life.

Advocate Alpana Bhandari is the best Arbitrator Lawyer in Nepal

After completing my high school education, I enrolled in Kathmandu School of Law to pursue my undergraduate degree. During this time, I also had the opportunity to study at Bilgi University and earn an LL.M in International Legal Studies from American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC.

These educational experiences have equipped me with a strong foundation in law and business, and I am committed to using my skills and knowledge to serve others and make a positive impact on society. My passion for entrepreneurship and corporate matters has led me to found my own law firm, which focuses on providing legal services to startups and small businesses. I am also involved in various social and community development initiatives, and I am committed to using my legal expertise to make a difference in the world.

I spent nearly 9+ years working in the United States. After working in the United States, I developed interest in working in the areas of Modern Dispute Resolution/Alternative Dispute Resolution. I am presently a Lifetime Member of the Nepal Council of Arbitration “NEPCA” and work as a Female Arbitrator in Nepal.

How I became Nepal’s best Arbitration Lawyer

  1. I received a good education

Dispute resolution might take place in or out of court. In the courtroom
You cannot select a judge, but you can settle the matter outside of court.
You should select a well-read Arbitrator for settlement.

I earned my LL.M. from American University’s Washington College of Law. I know how to establish a claim in arbitration and create legal documents because I have worked in the United States for over 9 years. There are few lawyers who are fluent in English. Because the arbiter should be involved in the multinational company dispute, a good command of English and communication abilities are essential.

Only an arbitrator with a good hold of English and communication skills can properly examine all of the evidence, particularly the contract. I have legal and professional experience. The selection of the appropriate arbitrator is critical to the outcome of the case.

Since I graduated from American University and have extensive legal understanding on the subject of arbitration. With arbitration concerns, I have acquired the trust of both disputed parties.

Because I understand the nuances of the issues and have an extensive knowledge of the subject. There are numerous contract-related conflicts in Nepal. In those specific areas involving arbitration, I have experience calculating damage for breach of contract.

  1. I am capable of instilling trust and confidence in people

Competent arbitrators must be ‘impartial’ as well as ‘independent’.

People who have worked in other cultures are impartial and independent. While working in the United States, I practiced fairness and impartiality.

The ability to choose your own arbitrator is a crucial aspect of arbitration, and it is one of the reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular as a method of conflict resolution. The process of picking an arbitrator should not fill the selecting party with dread, but rather one of the most appealing parts of the process, in which parties develop trust and confidence in their selected arbiter.

  1. I am an excellent communicator

In arbitration practice, the arbitrator must fairly decide legal case issues outside of court.
An arbitrator must be able to communicate effectively in order to resolve disagreements outside of the courtroom.

Arbitrators convene panels that are similar to but not identical to court proceedings.
They are more personal and informal forms of communication. A decent mastery of English and communication skills are required for this. I’ve had communication skills training. Meeting with each disputing party to answer questions and explain the arbitration process.

Furthermore, assessing evidence and documentation from both sides, as well as evaluating information from received papers such as claim applications.Likewise Interviewing witnesses in order to gather useful information.

Arranging and supervising discussions between parties may be essential in some locations, which requires good communication skills.Arbitrators must have both hard and soft abilities in order to negotiate with various parties and make impartial rulings. Hard skills are the technical legal knowledge that guides their choices, whereas soft skills comprise all of the personal attributes that assist them in effectively resolving conflicts.

  1. I am well-versed in interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are the behaviors and methods that a person does in order to properly engage with others. When engaging with others, whether at business or in social circumstances, people use interpersonal skills all the time. The word primarily refers to an arbitrator’s ability to work successfully with a team of arbitrators in the arbitration procedure.

Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening abilities to attitude and demeanor. Because arbitrators work with a diverse spectrum of clients and professionals, it is critical that they be personable, respectful, and easy to get along with. Interpersonal skills also aid in the development of trust with new clients.I have worked in the United States for almost 9 years and have developed a strong sense of teamwork and interpersonal abilities.

  1. I am competent in legal writing

Arbitrators must have great legal writing skills in order to write clear and accurate settlement and decision documents. Legal writing skills involve the ability to quickly examine data and articulate written arguments in a succinct manner.

Successful arbitrators have the ability to think critically and patiently in order to reach fair solutions amongst potentially sensitive parties. They also make advantage of these abilities.
help strategize efficient solutions and reduce misconceptions between parties.

Arbitrators must have outstanding conflict resolution abilities in order to resolve the legal disputes they deal with on a regular basis. They employ these abilities to clarify their clients’ and arguments’ positions, as well as to reach mutually beneficial settlements.

In the event that you encounter any disputes, whether they are subject to arbitration , or if you have mutually agreed to settle the dispute outside of court, I kindly urge you to reach out to me promptly. You can contact me via my mobile number +977-977 9745374671 or through email at