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In Nepal, company registration is governed by the Companies Act of 2006. When establishing startups and embarking on business ventures, business owners must adhere to company law.

The processing time for the company registration process, including the approval of the name from online, is approximately 7 working days. I hope this article has made you more aware of the processes and documentation required for company registration in Nepal.

Steps for Company Registration Process in Nepal

1) Submit a Name Request Form

The first step in the process of registering a company in Nepal is to obtain a name through an online process. Section 4 of the Companies Act of 2006 reads as follows:

To begin, an application for name approval should be submitted online to the Office of Company Registrar. Because of its uniqueness, the said office approves it. Following that, in order to register the company at OCR, a Gmail account should be created along with the objectives, nature of the company, and relevant details.

  It is essential to register with the company registration portal. For filing company information, you must first create a user account. The proposed company name should be one-of-a-kind and descriptive of the company’s products and services. It distinguishes them from their counterparts in the same industry.

2. Make charter documents

The next step is to draft the charter documents after the OCR has approved the name.

Applicants must create charter documents such as the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association during the company registration process (AOA).

  1. Memorandum of Association (MOA) – The MOA contains all of the information about the registering company that is required during the incorporation process. It also describes the company’s goals and powers, as well as the relationship between the outsider and the company. The MOA cannot be changed once it has been created.
  2. Articles of Association (AOA) – This document outlines the company’s rules and regulations. It describes the company’s management, conduct, and bye-laws. The AOA serves as an auxiliary to the MOA, but it can be amended if needed.

The following are the fundamental requirements for establishing an online business in Nepal:

  1. Shareholders: A Private Company must have at least two shareholders in order to be registered. A sole proprietorship, on the other hand, requires only one person.
  2. Directors: At least two directors are required for a private company. A company’s board of directors can only be made up of individuals. The promoters’ record should be kept after the company is operational.
  3. Company Name: While the registration process is in place, the name of a company must be given careful consideration. A private company’s name structure is Name (Noun/Coined Word) + Activity Word + Private Limited. Companies Inn Solutions Private Limited, for example. The proposed company name must be consistent with the company name. You can check the availability of the company name and ensure that no other company has already registered the same or a similar name to the one you propose.
  4. Share Capital: The amount of money invested by the company’s owners in order to run the business is referred to as Share Capital in a Company. To register a company in Nepal, a minimum of one lakh capital is required. The authorized capital of the company determines the registration fee paid to the Registrar of Companies.
  5. Registered Office Address of Company: A company’s registered office is its official correspondence address or its principal place of business. All official communications from the company will be sent to the Registered Office address.

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What you get with Company Registration?

After completing Company Incorporation, you will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • The Certificate of Incorporation serves as the birth certificate for the company.
  • MOA and AOA are two abbreviations for Mutually Assured Agreements. The Company’s charter documents are its Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

Fees for Company Registration in Nepal

The Company Registration Fee varies according to the Authorized Capital of the Company.

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