Registration of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nepal

NGOs are required to register with the District Administration Office (“DAO”) of the district in which they intend to operate. Following completion of registration at the DAO, tax registration at the Inland Revenue Department is required. You can obtain an affiliation certificate from the Social Welfare Council after registering with the DAO.

1. What are the laws that govern non-governmental organizations in Nepal?

  • The Social Welfare Act of 1992;
  • The Associations Registration Act of 1977;
  • And the necessary measures adopted by the Social Welfare Council.

2. What is the process for registering non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nepal?

  • Request a recommendation letter from the local ward office.
  • Submit an application for a certificate of registration to the relevant district coordination committee.
  • Obtain an NGO registration number from the District Administration Office.
  • Obtain a certificate of affiliation from the Social Welfare Council.
  • Register for tax with the Internal Revenue Service and obtain a Pan Certificate.
  • Sign up at the Ward Office at the Local Level.

3. What is the minimum number of members required for formation?

Registration requires a minimum of 7 members.

4. When will the registration process be completed?

The registration process takes about 1 to 2 months after all of the required steps are completed.

5. What government fees and charges are levied?

The estimated governmental registration fee is NPR 6,000, which may vary depending on the district and local level. Fees must be paid to the appropriate government agencies:

Ward Office: NPR 2000. It is possible that this will differ from one local level to the next.

Fees are not applicable to the District Coordination Committee.

District Administration Office– NPR 1000. This may differ from district to district.

Social Welfare Council– NPR 3000 Social Welfare Council

Not applicable to the Inland Revenue Department.

5. What documents must be submitted for registration?

  • A copy of the board members’ resolution to establish the proposed NGO.
  • A certified copy of each board member’s citizenship certificate.
  • Passport-sized photographs and copies of Nepal Police character reports for all members from the relevant districts.
  • Proposed NGO memorandum and articles of association (Bidhan).
  • Rent contract with the landlord of the spot of the NGO’s office, including a copy of the property owner’s citizenship certificate; and
  • Receipt of three months’ rent paid in advance as per the contract with the property owner.

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