Court Marriage Registration Process in Nepal

Marriage is defined as being legally united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship. It is a social and legal relationship between two people as well as a formal union.

It is widely regarded as crucial to maintaining civilizations and morals. In Nepal, the Muluki Civil Code’s 2017 chapter on marriage governs marriage (2074).

Sections 67 to 84 of the Muluki Civil Code 2017 contain all of the provisions governing marriage. We, as marriage registration lawyers, will explain the entire court marriage registration process in Nepal.

In order to start a conjugal and family life, a man and a woman must freely agree to form a permanent, inviolable, and holy social and legal bond known as marriage.

Regardless of how it ends, a marriage must be made or caused to be made public. Every individual’s family life must be safeguarded. Every person has the legal right to marry, have a family, and live a conjugal life.

Marriage Registration Requirements in Nepal

A marriage is considered to have been concluded when a man and a woman accept each other as husband and wife on any occasion, ceremony, formal or other act, according to Nepalese Marriage Laws.
However, the law allows a marriage between people of a certain caste to marry a relative if they culturally accept the practice.

Requirements for a Court Marriage in Nepal

  • Marriage in Nepal Anyone wishing to register their marriage must file an application with the relevant district court, along with the following documents:
  • dully filled and signed application form in prescribed format; original and notarized copy of applicants’ citizenship; original and notarized copy of witness’s citizenship;
  • Both applicants must provide recommendation letters from their local wards proving their single or unmarried status.
  • If the applicant is filing an application other than for citizenship, recommendation letters from the local ward office for temporary residence are required.
  • copies of both applicants’ passport-size photos.

Marriage Registration Process in Nepal

Step 1: Both applicants complete an application and sign in their respective presence.
Step 2: The court official verifies all of the documents. After verification, the court registers the application and sets a date for an appointment.
Step 3: On the appointed date, both applicants and their witnesses must appear in court.
Step 4- If all of the documentation is completed correctly and all of the legal requirements are met, the judge will approve the marriage registration application and the court administration will issue a certificate
steps for court marriage process

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