FAQ Divorce Process in Nepal

1. What is the first step in the process of divorce?

If you’re planning to file for a divorce, you’ll need to list properties that are

Under the control of the family of the husband and wife. If a couple has a child together, the matter of child custody and child support should be addressed. If you’re planning a divorce, you shouldn’t leave the house without a divorce process.

2. What needs to be taken into account during the divorce process?

In a situation where the husband is rich and has a high profile, the case may be sensitive and the share of the property becomes crucial. If the husband has no property and the couple has a child, child support is crucial.

Conversely, in any case, the husband misinterprets the details of the property concealing the property that has to be shared, so the issue of misappropriation is crucial.

3. What do you mean by a mutual consent divorce?

Mutual consent divorce is the process of filing a divorce jointly between the husband and the wife. By mutual consent, the spouses agree to legally separate their paths.

In the event of a divorce consent, the divorce proceedings shall be concluded within two working days and the court shall issue the divorce certificate upon review of the application and the supporting documents.

4. My wife agreed to file a divorce on a mutual consent basis. How long will it take to complete divorce proceedings in Nepal?

In the event of an agreement between the two parties, it will take two working days to conclude a divorce proceedings.

5. What are the reasons for the divorce in Nepal?

The wife may file a divorce on the grounds set out below:

  • If the husband tortures the wife physically and mentally.
  • If the husband kicks the wife out of the house.
  • If the husband does not provide wife with food and shelter.
  • If the husband has a sexual relationship outside the marriage.
  • If the husband has been living separate from the wife for three consecutive years.
  • If the woman takes her share of the property and lives on her own.

The husband may file for a divorce on the grounds specified below:

  • If the woman kicks the man out of the house.
  • If the wife has a sexual relationship outside the marriage.
  • If the wife doesn’t provide the husband with food and shelter.
  • If the wife inflicts physical and mental torture on the husband.
  • If the wife has been living separate from the husband for three consecutive years.

8.How can a male get divorce without mutual consent in Nepal?

If the husband wishes to file a divorce without the consent of the wife, he should file an application with the competent district court. When the husband files for a divorce, he must show evidence of physical and mental torture inflicted on him.

A cooling period of one year is offered to the husband, and if no agreement is reached between the spouses, the judge shall deliver his/her decisions.

9. How is the property or debt divided during the divorce process in Nepal?

While the husband seeks divorce, the court shall, on the basis of the property details submitted, divide the share of the property from the part of the husband’s share in the division of the property between the husband, the father-in-law and the mother-in-law.

10. Should my spouse appear before the court in Nepal during the divorce proceedings?

In the case of mutual consent, both the husband and the wife should appear before the court. If the court grants a divorce, the divorce process concludes by signing the final divorce papers that the judge approves.

If this is not the case, the court shall send a notice to the other party for defense and, in the event that the other party fails to appear before the court, the court shall deliver the decision on the review of the application.

11. What is the easiest and fastest way to get divorced in Nepal?

Divorce may be obtained with mutual consent. In this situation, both the spouses agree on child custody, child support and ownership of the property and appear before the court along with the divorce application.

12. What happens at the District Court of Nepal during the divorce proceedings?

The four steps must be taken when filing a divorce with the district court: first, an application for a divorce is filed. Upon submission of the application, the court shall serve notice to the other party of the need to appear before the court. Second, there is a review of the evidence.

The testimony of the witness shall be taken together with the supporting documents submitted to the court. Third, the consent agreement shall be submitted and the judge shall review the documents submitted and deliver the decision.

13. Is separation the cause of divorce in Nepal?

Separation refers to not accepting each other’s consent and departing without letting each other know where they are. In such a situation, living separately becomes the basis for a divorce.

14. Why is it so difficult to get a divorce from a husband in Nepal?

In Nepal, while the man seeking a divorce from the court in such a situation, the husband must show evidence of physical and mental torture.

15. How long does it take to conclude a divorce case in Nepal?

Divorce may be obtained in two ways: first, if consent is obtained between the spouses; then the divorce proceedings shall be concluded within two working days. If there is no consent, either of the parties to the dispute shall bring a lawsuit before the court.

The court shall grant a period of one year to settle the differences if the differences are not resolved, and the court shall deliver the decision on the examination of the documents submitted to the court.

16. How do I get a single status certificate after a divorce in Nepal?

After a divorce is granted in order to remarry, a single status letter is required. The municipality or Ward office shall issue an affidavit of eligibility for remarriage.

17. Can I leave the country after I file for a divorce?

You can travel abroad by granting the power of attorney to the other person who will represent you on your behalf before the court. He/she must be a person who lives in Nepal. The Authorized Attorney may proceed with the divorce proceedings in the relevant District Court of Nepal.

18. Is marriage registration mandatory for divorce proceedings?

It is not mandatory to have your marriage registered in order to obtain a divorce. Since a marriage ceremony may take place following traditional rituals and a photograph of such a ceremony, it is sufficient to file a divorce and process while making an application before the court.

19. What are the divorce lawyers’ fees?

Divorce lawyers’ fees vary depending on their workstation in Nepal. The different provinces of the district of Nepal. It all depends on your choice of individual divorce lawyer. It can start with ten thousand. There is no set rate, so it is important to consider multiple divorce lawyers before you settle on one.

20. How do I keep my Divorce Costs Low?

In order to save the cost of divorce, you are advised to be a lawyer yourself and to keep a lawyer with the case documentation and final pleading.

21.What is mediation in the process of divorce?

In the case of divorce, the court may refer to the mediation center by mutual consent if the divorce could not be obtained. The mediator shall make an effort to create an environment for the resolution of disputes between the spouses.

22. When can mediation be helpful to you?

If the issues relating to property and child support could be reached, the mediator may cooperate in such a situation the divorce shall be obtained by mutual consent.

23. How can mediation save money?

The divorce process may take a long time in a situation where you might have to spend a lot of money. In case the mediation is successful, both money and time will be saved.

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