How to Register a School in Nepal?

Before learning how to register a school in Nepal, it is important to understand the various types of schools that exist in Nepal.

School particularly in Nepal The Nepali Education Act of 1962 distinguished between public and private schools. In response to the country’s needs, on September 9, 1971, a new Education Act was gradually enacted. The aforementioned legislation established the concept of community school.

The Education Act of 1971, 7th Amendment, as amended on February 7, 2002, allows private schools to be registered as a Private Trust, Public Trust, or Company. Nepal currently has three types of schools.

  1. Private schools
  2. Public or government school
  3. A community school
  • Obtain permission from the municipality and the Village committee.
  • Permission granted by the District Education Office
  • Those who wish to establish a primary, secondary, or higher secondary school must obtain permission and recommendations from the Village Education Committee and the Municipality three months before the start of the school year.
  • Following receipt of the recommendation, an application must be submitted to the District Education Office, along with information about the school’s location and infrastructure.

Inspection by a government official

Following the submission of an application for school registration, the District Education shall pay a visit to determine whether the school has an office to run the school, infrastructures, the presence of teachers, hostels, and whether hostels are present for at least 10% of the students.

Permission to regulate the school

If all of the infrastructure for the primary and secondary schools is in place, the district education officer signs off on the application and grants approval. Furthermore, for higher education, the education committee’s opinion must be considered.

Regulation Permission

Private school property and Private Trust School property

A private school is established by anyone who wishes to start a school with the intent of profit. In order to register a school, it must first be registered as a company. If anyone has donated land,

If an individual or organization donates land or a building in the name of a school and the school operates on that land or building, the school cannot be run as a corporation and must be registered as a Private Trust School or a Public Trust School, according to Section 3 (6) of the new Education Act 1971. Section 2 states that no individual shall profit from the operation of a school (L)

Trusted Private School

The registration under the trust is referred to as a private trust school. If anyone wishes to register a Private Trust School, the Municipal Education Committee must first grant permission. Similarly, in order to open a school, approval from the District’s Education Committee must be obtained.

To operate a school, a Guthi Operation Committee must be formed after the school is registered. The Nepalese government has enacted a number of laws to protect and manage Private Trust Schools, which are listed below.

Sections 314-367 of the 2017 National Civil Code

The 1971 Education Act

The Education Regulations of 2003 (2017) Education Regulation Municipality issued this regulation.

The Education Committee of the District

Nowadays, in order to register a private school, it must first be registered as a company. After registering as a company, an application must be submitted to the District’s Education Committee in order to operate the school.

School management and private school management in Nepal are governed by the Local Government in accordance with the Education Act 1971, Education Regulation 2003, and Education Regulation 2017. The District Education Committee is responsible for the district’s property.

Operation Committee of Guthi

A Trustee Management Committee should be formed for the operation of School Guthi, according to the Municipality’s Education Regulation 2017. Guthi consists of five individuals: one guardian, one member appointed by the Ward President or the Ward President, District Education Officer, or the officer appointed by the District Education Officer for the Private Education Guthi, and one member appointed by the officer for the Private Education Guthi. Individuals, government organizations, and foreign organizations are not permitted to provide assistance to the Private Education Guthi under Municipality rules.

To receive assistance, it should be changed to Public Guthi. The District Education Committee has the authority to close any school that receives financial assistance from a Non-Governmental Organization.

Schools that are run under Private Guthi must be converted to Public Guthi immediately prior to the implementation of this Regulation if they are discovered to be run by any Non-governmental Organization or to receive regular foreign assistance.

Any school that does not comply with this subsection may be closed at any time by the District Education Committee.

Municipal Education Committee

The municipality formed the Municipal Education Committee to manage the property, operate the school, and register the Private Trust School.


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