How to Register Paragliding/Hot Air Ballon Business in Nepal?

How To Register a Paragliding / Hot Air Balloon Flight Business in Nepal?

How to Register Paragliding/Hot Air Ballon Business in Nepal?

Paragliding and hot air balloon flight are becoming more popular in recreational aviation these days. Nepal is surrounded by mountains and hills. The convergence of hills and mountains here enables the expansion of paragliding-related businesses. Corporate Lawyer Nepal is assisting with the paragliding registration process.

Nepal, along with Switzerland, is one of the best places to go paragliding. Because of the similarities in climate and geography between the two countries, it has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Every year, thousands of customers enjoy paragliding in Pokhara because it is one of the top five commercial paragliding locations in the world, with all of the necessary and precise elements such as stable thermals, suitable landing and launching sites, the safety of one of the largest lakes, and mesmerizing mountain views.

Likewise The buoyancy of a hot-air balloon is controlled by either heating the air inside the balloon or changing the amount of ballast (extra weight). Hot Air Balloon Flight companies have recently set up business in Pokhara. In the coming years, many new businesses will emerge.

What is the procedure for registering for a paragliding or hot air balloon flight in Nepal?

Establish a company.

A paragliding company is any company, firm, or individual formed with the intention of operating recreational aviation covers such as paragliding and hot air balloon flight, air transport, and passenger recreation. The company must first be registered in Nepal.

Paragliding and Hot Air Balloon Flight Equipment

Any recreational aviation company that wants to run a paragliding operation must have an experienced tandem pilot, a set of paraglider wings or canopy, and a safe Hot Air balloon. These items must be suitable for use in flight operations.

The company must not be on the blacklist.

If a recreational aviation company wishes to obtain a license, there must be no outstanding debts owed to the government of Nepal. The company must also not be blacklisted by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Civil Aviation Authority certifies an aircraft’s airworthiness (CAAN )

Recreational aviation companies must provide evidence to the Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) that their products are manufactured under a production certificate. After observing all of these Airworthiness Directives, they must conform to a type design approved under a type certificate or a supplemental type certificate, as well as to applicable Airworthiness Directives. Nepal shall issue an Airworthiness Certificate for recreational aviation registration.

A registered recreational aviation company in Nepal must obtain an air operator’s certificate before operating it for commercial purposes (AOC). The CAAN issues this certificate. In order to obtain this, the Recreational aviation company must submit the documents listed below.

Airworthiness Certification

  • A crew training list and a manual on paragliding operations are provided.
  • Carriers Liability Insurance (for Airlines) – Operators must carry enough insurance to cover any passengers who are injured or killed while on board.
  • Evidence that the operator has enough funds to complete the operation.
  • Every crew member on board must have.

What procedures must both domestic and foreign pilots follow in order to fly in Nepal?

  • Permits for Pokhara can be obtained from the office of the Pokhara Airport Manager. To obtain a flying permit, pilots will need a copy of their license and proof of insurance, as well as a copy of their passport, visa, and two photos. The permit costs $50 + 13% VAT for 15 days and $90 + 13% VAT for 30 days. A copy of all of the above documents, as well as two photographs and your flying permit, are required for your Nepal Air Sports Association Membership – 16$.


  • For the pro III level, pilots must have a valid pilot’s license, insurance, and a minimum APPI Solo Pilot certification.
  • In Nepal, a tandem license is valid, and the passenger is responsible for third-party liability.
  • Currently, three private take-offs are in use. Please use all of the Take-Offs to avoid congestion.

Should you be interested in setting up such business in Nepal, Feel free to contact us for legal assistance .


  • Samir Thapa

    I am from Pokhara and our team would like to open and register a paragliding company. But we are not sure whether if here is a monopoly in an open business democratic system. Can you elaborate the process and whether if its possible to register a paragliding company here in Pokhara?

    • Alpana Bhandari

      Thank you. Please visit us at our office or call us at +977-9849517735

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