How to Register a Petrol  Pump/ Station in Nepal?

The Nepal Oil Corporation grants permission for petrol pumps to be registered in Nepal. The Nepal Oil Corporation grants permission for petrol pump operation in accordance with the Nepal Oil Corporation Petroleum Product Sale Regulation 2018. A notice for the registration of petrol pumps was issued when this regulation was issued. According to current regulations, a public notice for petrol pump registration is published every three years in the month of Baisakh.

The Nepal Oil Corporation has classified petrol pump operations into several categories. While classifying the petrol pump, the seller has been classified as follows based on the selling area of petroleum products, the area of the selling point and the infrastructure available at the selling point.

(a) Petrol pump sample (Namuna) Sample pump seller/vendor

(b) A simple seller

(c)  Petrol/ gasoline seller

(D) A well-stocked/Packed seller (Packed seller means a seller who sells diesel in drums)

(e) Kerosene seller

Publish a Registration Notice

Every three years, Nepal Oil Corporation will issue a public notice in the month of Baisakh for the appointment of salespersons for the retail distribution of petroleum products based on the location of the retail sale and the seller’s classification. A petrol pump cannot be registered at any time. A notification for the registration of petrol pumps is issued every three years. An application for registration is not submitted until the notification is published.

However, the Nepali government, the state government, the local level, or an organized organization wholly or partially owned by it, or those operating from the government body’s employee welfare fund, can operate Namuna Petrol pump at any time. Similarly, no notification is required when appointing packaged sellers in kerosene and remote areas.

Documents Needed for the Application

A person who wishes to sell and distribute petroleum products must submit an application within the timeframe and location specified in the opening notice of the type of seller to which he wishes to be appointed.

The application must include the following documents.

(a) Char Qilla information of land on four sides of the sale site, clearly laid out site map (location plan), blueprint of the map, trace map details, and a certified copy of the sale site map from the concerned Survey office,

(b) If the land of the place of sale has the same  Kitta  number or more than one Kitta number, a certified statement of the entire area including the length and width of the lots connected to each other from the surveyor’s office,

(c) The actual length and width of the land as verified by Land Survey Office details,

(d) the trace map area and the actual site area

In the event of a disparity, a revised certificate from the relevant office is required.
e) The relevant rural municipality/municipality/municipality where a sales point is proposed to be established

The four forts ( Char Killa) of the sub-metropolis/metropolis, as well as the Kitta number and area

Recommendations disclosed and provided for the sale and distribution of petroleum products

(f) a certified copy of the landowner certificate for the property on which the place of sale is located,

(g) If the proposed seller does not own the land and instead rents it, the person who owns the land and the proposed seller must reach an agreement to rent or lease the land for at least ten years.

A letter of agreement and proof of citizenship from the landowner leasing the property


(h) a certified copy of the director’s citizenship,

) Application sample pump seller, general seller, petrol seller – application fee of 50 thousand rupees deposited in the corporation’s account

Initial field  Survey/ research

If the application for the operation of (Sample) Namuna Petrol pump is found suitable during the initial investigation, the corporation will appoint a two-member authorized team, including an engineer, for the initial on-site inspection of the proposed sales point.

Certificate of Initial Provision

If it is deemed necessary following the initial site survey.
Within 90 days, the applicant must submit the following additional documents to the corporation:

(a) A recommendation letter from the concerned authority, if such a selling point exists on the roads under the metropolitan, sub-metropolitan, municipal, village, irrigation roads, the agency of the Nepal Government, and the provincial government on which petroleum products will be sold.

(b) an authenticated copy of the registration certificate,

d) the recommendation of the Electricity Authority

e) Agreement

(f) A letter stating that you are not currently on the blacklist, have not been convicted of a criminal charge of moral turpitude, and

The corporation’s self-statement that no action was taken.

Infrastructure inspection completed on-site

(The person who prepared the infrastructure should submit the application to the corporation, attaching the final approval letter from the road’s office/body and the certificate of value added tax VAT registration. Finally, grant the petrol pump’s license.

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